Mini-Medics is our latest course designed specifically for children aged between 8 and 11. Having said that, it suits children of all ages so we set no limit.

What’s Mini-Medics?

Mini-Medics is a special course for young children to introduce them to the essentials and basics of First Aid.

We keep Mini-Medics at an […]

First Aid at Work

The skills I have learned have really given me a lot of confidence. Very Happy!

Dawn really has been incredible. Her methods of teaching are second to none.

Jason Hooper

First Aid at Work

More confident to take control and assist in an emergency. Excellent resuscitation with lights and AED.

Michelle Oesterman

First Aid at Work

Much more confidence. Would be happy to do what I can.

Jayne Offen

First Aid at Work

Feel confident to engage in an accident and to help where I can. Plenty of how to attend to the injured.

(Excellent sandwiches!)

Karl Dodd

Three courses in one

Receiving a phone call from a English lady living in France wasn’t quite what we were expecting!

Can Delta Training help?

Maggie had been searching the Internet for a training company that could help with her dilemma.

Living in France with her son and father, Maggie, an RMN (Registered Mental Nurse), was hoping […]


Working with children and infants

This course has been developed for those who work with children and infants.

It is of particular interest to teachers, child minders, crèche assistants, playgroup personnel, and anyone who has responsibility for the welfare of children and infants in their care.

In addition, it is ideal for individuals […]


Successful candidates are awarded A4 sized certificates issued and endorsed by the appropriate authorities, showing the required standards have been met.

ID cards

In addition, a successful candidate is given an ID card, the size of a credit card.

The purpose is to be able to show anyone who might question the candidate’s certified competence. […]


Automatic External De-Fibrillation

Automatic External De-Fibrillation (AED) is required when the heart is not able to pump blood normally around the body. The heart needs ‘re-booting’.

AEDs are becoming more prevalent to public access around the island. Being confident in their use is critical to life saving.

Training equipment

Delta Training uses training De-Fibrillators […]

Community Projects

Delta Training and Consultancy has developed courses for specific community projects.

First Aid Accidents at Home

Developed in association with the Parish Constables of St Peter Port, Delta Training’s ‘First Aid Accidents at Home’ course has been designed specifically to help those who are older to know what action to take if they experience an […]