Guernsey Hard of Hearing Association

Members of the Guernsey Hard of Hearing Association are trained by Delta in First AidThis was my second visit to the Guernsey Hard of Hearing. They’re such a keen bunch.

When I was originally asked to present a first aid course to the association, I was a bit apprehensive. Mostly because of my inability to sign. I wasn’t sure if I could communicate effectively to the group.

An amazing signer

In stepped Anne who is not deaf but an amazing signer. All my fears were allayed.

A great group

My belief is that no-one in our society should be ever overlooked. Everyone has the right to learn and the hard of hearing have exactly the same needs as the rest of society and the ability to learn life saving skills is key.

A keen group of people of all ages were waiting for me at the Ron Short Centre at Beau Sejour.

By the end of the evening they couldn’t have been more grateful for the training.Members of the Guernsey Hard of Hearing Association are trained in First Aid by Dawn Bagnall of Delta

It kind of makes you feel a little inadequate, but humbled. They made every effort to learn, asked lots of questions and were very involved.

Help the Heroes

Given the Guernsey Hard of Hearing Association is not flush with money I made no charge for the training.

You can imagine how taken aback, surprised and delighted I was when they made a donation to my Help for Heroes fundraising efforts.

My thanks go to all of them.


The feedback has been amazing too.

“Thank you Dawn for a really useful First Aid demonstration last night at the Ron Short Centre.

We all hope we will do a good job in an emergency but still hope it won’t happen! Thanks from all at the Guernsey Hard of Hearing Association”.Guernsey Hard of Hearing Association

(The two main images have been provided by courtesy of The Guernsey Press Company Limited)

Delta Training and Consultancy

‘Bringing training to the heart of the community’

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