First Aid

First AidFirst Aid is the initial assistance or treatment given to a person who is injured or suddenly taken ill. The person who provides the help is the first aider.

The first aider takes responsibility to keep everyone involved safe, to prevent further harm from being caused.

When responding to an emergency we recognise the emotional and physical needs of all involved, including our own. A calm, considerate response facilitates trust and respect and is fundamental to being able to give or receive information from a casualty or witnesses, effectively.

What happens?

In an emergency situation, the body responds by releasing hormones that may cause a ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response.

Your heart beats faster, your breathing quickens and you may sweat more. You may also feel more alert, want to run away or feel frozen to the spot.

If you feel overwhelmed and slightly panicky, you may feel pressured to do something before you are clear about what is needed. Pause and take a few slow breaths, remain calm and remind yourself of your first aid priorities.

Heart attack

Our First Aid courses

Delta Training and Consultancy’s first aid courses range from a one day Emergency First Aid at Work to a full three day First Aid at Work.

Where required, bespoke first aid courses can be arranged.

What’s wrong with these pictures?

Nothing. The first shows a first aider wearing the appropriate gloves and using the correct type of scissors to cut away the material to reveal the wound.

The second shows the classic position a heart attack sufferer naturally adopts. Fist clasped against the chest, knees up, and their face contorted in pain.

To enquire about a course

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